About Edmodo

How students learn is just as important as what.
Edmodo is where education meets innovation.

Our story

Knowledge is more than facts and figures.
We help transform it into opportunities.

Founded in Chicago, Illinois, when two school district employees set out to bridge the gap between how students live their lives and how they learn in school, Edmodo was created to bring education into a 21st century environment.

Today, Edmodo is based in San Mateo, California. Thanks to those who guided and supported us in the beginning, we're now the number one K-12 social learning network in the world, dedicated to connecting all learners with the people and resources they need to reach their full potential.

Nic Borg, Jeff O'Hara, Crystal Hutter

"We're moving to a world where you can look at specific experiences and specific students and understand what's working for particular types of learners. Empowering teachers is the only path to getting better outcomes."

— Nic Borg, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Our values

Technology is creating a whole new set of rules.
We believe principles should never change.

Because Edmodo is used by teachers and students, we hold ourselves to very high standards. Our values not only define our company culture; they characterize the product features trusted in classrooms around the world.

We're just getting started

Creating connections is just the beginning; we want to do more than impact outcomes. We want to empower learners, on our network and around the world.

We're all in this together

Everything we do impacts everyone on our team and inside every classroom. So we make sure we're reliable, collaborative, and armed with the best intentions.

We thrive on feedback

Whether we're doing great, or can do better, we like to know where we stand. It helps us identify and learn from each lesson, and celebrate every success.

We're obsessed with educators

Because teachers helped us realize our full potential, we try to emulate them in everything we do. We think critically, listen patiently, and speak openly.

We love learning

No matter how much we know, there's always room to grow. To create opportunities for success, we develop tools that personalize learning and encourage growth.

We believe less is more

And thrive on doing more with less. We're resourceful enough to be creative, and honest enough to keep things straightforward and reliable.

Our team

Communities are made up of individuals.
We'd like you to meet our Edmodians.

Every day, you're on the front lines, dedicated to making a difference. Meet the people behind the scenes, dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.

  • Ms. Laureano
    Ms. Laureano
  • Lisa Zhuo
    Lisa Zhuo
  • Tom Aiello
    Tom Aiello
  • Ms. Allen
    Ms. Allen
  • Mr. Alves
    Mr. Alves
  • Chip B.
    Chip B.
  • Nita Bapat
    Nita Bapat
  • Cindy Basulto
    Cindy Basulto
  • Neil Berget
    Neil Berget
  • Denzel Black
    Denzel Black
  • Mr. Borg
    Mr. Borg
  • Hans Brough
    Hans Brough
  • Daniel Browns
    Daniel Browns
  • Mr. Caceres☹
    Mr. Caceres☹
  • Bruno Caratori
    Bruno Caratori
  • Carlo Caratori
    Carlo Caratori
  • Mollie Carter
    Mollie Carter
  • Eric Chase
    Eric Chase
  • Mr. Chen
    Mr. Chen
  • Huan Chen
    Huan Chen
  • Robert Chun
    Robert Chun
  • Niccolina Clements Mangroo
    Niccolina Clements Mangroo
  • Mark Costigan
    Mark Costigan
  • Guillermo Cuellar
    Guillermo Cuellar
  • Ms. Daniels
    Ms. Daniels
  • Anmol Desai
    Anmol Desai
  • Mr. Di Mare
    Mr. Di Mare
  • Mr. Dunn
    Mr. Dunn
  • Mr. Dunn
    Mr. Dunn
  • Mo Edmonds
    Mo Edmonds
  • David Fallas
    David Fallas
  • Hsuanwei Fan 🌠
    Hsuanwei Fan 🌠
  • Mr. Fine
    Mr. Fine
  • Sean Finney
    Sean Finney
  • Stephen Fisico
    Stephen Fisico
  • Abby Frankola
    Abby Frankola
  • Mr. Gamboa
    Mr. Gamboa
  • Sushma Garapati
    Sushma Garapati
  • Dr. Gupta
    Dr. Gupta
  • Henryk Hadass
    Henryk Hadass
  • Dr. He
    Dr. He
  • Mr. Horen
    Mr. Horen
  • Crystal Hutter
    Crystal Hutter
  • Michael Hwang
    Michael Hwang
  • Joseph Hyun
    Joseph Hyun
  • Dr. Ingram
    Dr. Ingram
  • Mr. Ivanovic
    Mr. Ivanovic
  • Mr. Jimenez
    Mr. Jimenez
  • Sagar Junnarkar
    Sagar Junnarkar
  • Mr. Kadu
    Mr. Kadu
  • Tanmay Kakade
    Tanmay Kakade
  • Yousra Kamoona
    Yousra Kamoona
  • Mandar Kher
    Mandar Kher
  • Mr. Khurana
    Mr. Khurana
  • Shishir Kinkar
    Shishir Kinkar
  • Ketan Kothari
    Ketan Kothari
  • Manish Kothari
    Manish Kothari
  • Mr. Lee
    Mr. Lee
  • Mr. Lee
    Mr. Lee
  • Mr. Li
    Mr. Li
  • Mr. Liang
    Mr. Liang
  • Mr. Lin
    Mr. Lin
  • Dr. Luo
    Dr. Luo
  • Bill Luoma
    Bill Luoma
  • Mr. Macwan
    Mr. Macwan
  • Mr. Mahtani
    Mr. Mahtani
  • Mr. Malpani
    Mr. Malpani
  • Sandra McConnell
    Sandra McConnell
  • Jeizzon Mendes
    Jeizzon Mendes
  • Mr. Miller
    Mr. Miller
  • Vibhu Mittal
    Vibhu Mittal
  • Mr. Musharraf
    Mr. Musharraf
  • Dr. Nair
    Dr. Nair
  • Alisha Nayak
    Alisha Nayak
  • Jason Nesbitt
    Jason Nesbitt
  • Mrs. Ottenad
    Mrs. Ottenad
  • Viraj Paripatyadar
    Viraj Paripatyadar
  • Ben Paul
    Ben Paul
  • Ms. Pershan
    Ms. Pershan
  • Trupti Potdar
    Trupti Potdar
  • Mr. Prellwitz
    Mr. Prellwitz
  • Laura Prichici
    Laura Prichici
  • Aleksis Psychas
    Aleksis Psychas
  • Ms. Rai
    Ms. Rai
  • Ms. Ramamurthy
    Ms. Ramamurthy
  • Mr. Rawstron
    Mr. Rawstron
  • Mr. Rechin
    Mr. Rechin
  • Ms. Richline
    Ms. Richline
  • Matt Ridge
    Matt Ridge
  • Mr. Romo
    Mr. Romo
  • Mr. Rosati
    Mr. Rosati
  • Ms. Ruiz
    Ms. Ruiz
  • Zach Rutta
    Zach Rutta
  • Guy Sagy
    Guy Sagy
  • Kaushal Sampat
    Kaushal Sampat
  • Rachel Schindler
    Rachel Schindler
  • Mr. Schuldt
    Mr. Schuldt
  • Ms. Selonick
    Ms. Selonick
  • Ved Sinha
    Ved Sinha
  • Mr. Socrates
    Mr. Socrates
  • Jeya Suresh
    Jeya Suresh
  • Miklos Szel
    Miklos Szel
  • Jason Tang
    Jason Tang
  • Mr. Teh
    Mr. Teh
  • Saumitra Vaidya
    Saumitra Vaidya
  • Mr. Vargas
    Mr. Vargas
  • Mr. Verkamp
    Mr. Verkamp
  • Ms. Vigil
    Ms. Vigil
  • Mithun Vijayasekar
    Mithun Vijayasekar
  • Mr. Walintukan
    Mr. Walintukan
  • Emma Wallerstein
    Emma Wallerstein
  • Eric Wang
    Eric Wang
  • Teck Wong
    Teck Wong
  • Ivy Xing
    Ivy Xing
  • Sumant Yerramilly
    Sumant Yerramilly
  • Harsha Mallajosyula
    Harsha Mallajosyula

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